Color Book Printing

Color Book Printing

Coloring books have long been famous for children but nowadays, adult coloring books have become strangely fashionable. Coloring books are helpful for adults in reducing stress and due to coloring books, they get some time to relax. If you want to customize your own coloring book then we provides you guidance in creating the best coloring book for you.

“Custom Books Printing” provides Full Color Book Printing Services, we have an experienced professional team who can assist you with our process of printing a coloring book. We will guide in driving your art to life with the help of different types of book sizes and stocks of a variety of papers for excellent binding. Furthermore, we are also providing cover design options that  compose an attractive book. We can print a book from pdf form and can also design a wonderful cover and book interior for your book. If you are working with the company names  “Custom Books Printing”, you will be getting guidance by one of our publishing specialists, who will instruct you all through the absolute color book printing and publishing process. Our experts will be there for you constantly and remove your every confusion related to the color book printing services process.

Printing a Coloring Book

 If you want Bulk Color Books Printing Service, then you are at the right place. We are well established as one of the most reputable and reliable color book printing companies in this industry and have provided color book printing services in many countries for over many years. “Custom Books Printing” have accomplished sophistication and expertise and also helped numerous customers in their requirements in color book printing. No matter whether you want to design coloring books for adults or children, we have proper color book printing services for you. If you are working in the USA, our company will give you freedom to select the design of your color book and the components in accordance with your project necessities and financial potentialities

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1. Experienced Color Book Printing Services

Working with “Custom Books Printing” means you have an exclusive organization of book printing or publishing specialists along with designers and printers concentrating on creating pleasurable color printed books. Your appointed specialists will always be available to help you. We will preserve your files to get any type of inaccuracy or blunder.

2. Providing High Quality Book Printing Services

“Custom Books Printing” provides 100% high quality Book Printings. Our technicians check out each and every file to confirm whether your books are faultless or not. Moreover, with encouragement from our team, you can obtain primary access to assemble your manuscript file, arranging the interior page of your book and wrapping up your file for printing. 


3. Customize Your Book

Cover designs, an excellent bound, and hardcover book bindings other more constituents make your color book remarkable and unique. Our professional staff have brought together our instructions, formulated on industry standards, to assist you select a book trim size that makes it uncomplicated and understandable to the customers what they are purchasing.

Types of Color Printing

There are two types of color printing one is inkjet printing and the other is toner based printing.

  •         An inkjet printing is basically a technology in which an image is created by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto the page. This type of color printing is usually used for cheap advertisements because ink-jet printing is a low cost printing.
  •         Toner is a special ink which is generally used by laser printers. This process involves HP indigo presses which utilize electroink technology that generates images on a blanket by making the use of electronically charged particles in the liquid ink. The blanket serves the function of shock absorber to make sure whether the ink transfers to the paper or not. If you want to create an interesting and attractive color book, then you should go with toner based printing.


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Our Binding Methods

While printing a color book, you have to consider the binding of the color book because it is one of the most important factors.  There are also two types of binding styles in printing a color book.

1. Saddle-Stitch Binding

This type of binding is applied when the page count of the book is low. In this process, paper sheets are being folded and attached with wire staples and these staples are utilized to protect the pages at the back of the book. This is the cheapest method and suitable for those coloring books that have designs on the pages that are adjacent.

2. Plastic Coil Binding

This binding style is expensive. This binding style allows the audience to open the book at 360 degree and it is easy to use and  makes coloring a more simple process for people. If you want a more professional and appealing color book printing, then you should select plastic coil method or wire-o method because it looks professional and attractive.

Why Choose Us?

“Custom Books Printing” flourishing delivered Thousands of color book printing projects last year and we provide color book printing services all over the globe. Our expert team knows very well what authors, publishers and book purchasers want from color book printers. If you want to print a color book, then “Custom Books Printing” is best for you because we print color books in all trim sizes.

Our professional team prints your color book in as fast as 4 working days. We make sure that your book pages are arranged perfectly before going to the printing process. We are providing authentic and reliable color book printing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a book printing service?

Book printing services referred to as a company that can pick up the digital article or document for your book and convert it into a print copy.

How many sizes are in book printing?

There are mainly three standard sizes in book printing i.e. 5.5 x 8.5, 6 x 9 and 8.5 x 11.

How much does it cost to have a color book printed?

The cost of color book printing depends on several factors like paper quality, trim size of your pages and options of book binding.

Why should we use custom book printing?

Custom book printing provides trustworthy and genuine color book printing services. They also have fast turnaround times.

What type of color printing is used by custom book printing?

Custom book printing uses toner based printing in their projects because this printing is excellent in their results and have a high quality image printing.